Learn to Read and Write Biblical Hebrew (free online course)

This university level course teaches you in easy-to-follow steps how to identify the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, their names, and how to write them. After you have learned the Hebrew vowels, you will begin to read Hebrew words and even short sentences.

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Many years of teaching experience have taught us that it is important for students to have proper exercises to help review the material. We therefore included a grammar summary, 3 worksheets with writing and reading exercises, 3 reading exercises, and a final test.

Course Goals:

– Identify and write the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, including the final forms

– Give the alphabetical order of the Hebrew letters

– Identify and write the Hebrew vowels

– Give the sound of all Hebrew letters and vowels


For this course you don’t need any previous knowledge of Hebrew at all.

Completion of the Course:

You can complete the course in approximately 5 hours of study time.

Enroll Now, the Course is FREE!

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