Virtual Hebrew Keyboard

Hebrew_keyboard_winFor those who need to type Hebrew occasionally, e.g. for an email or social media post, the easiest option to type Hebrew words (with or without the vowels) is a virtual keyboard. One easy to use virtual Hebrew keyboard is Gate2Home. If you only need the consonants and no vowels leave the settings as they are at “Standard” and “Hebrew”. Click on the Hebrew consonant you want to add or type the corresponding key on your physical keyboard. You can add vowels after consonants by pressing “CapsLock” on the virtual keyboard or your physical keyboard, followed by “Shift”. The virtual keyboard will change and the vowels will become visible. Click on the vowel you want to add. This method is quite fast, but not a permanent option in case you type Hebrew on a regular basis.

If you want to know how to type Hebrew on your computer’s keyboard, click here.

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