Scripture Cake

Also called “Old Testament Cake” or “Bible Cake”. There are a couple of recipes available that don’t give you the ingredients straight away. You will need to open your bible and look for them there.

httpcommons.wikimedia.orgwikiFile-ABundt_Cake_with_Grapes_003.jpgFor example, a recipe calls for things like “three and a half cups of …″ and “two cups of ….” Each of those passages will have a reference to an ingredient. For instance, “two cups of Nahum III:12″ takes you to a passage that reads, “All your fortresses are like fig trees with their first ripe fruit; when they are shaken, the figs fall into the mouth of the eater.” Hence, two cups figs.

Baking this cake is a great way to learn the vocabulary words in Hebrew. Go to your Hebrew bible and look up the words there as well. Copy the recipe and write the ingredients in Hebrew only. Next time you won’t even have to look up the English translation.

Find here a Scripture Cake Recipe from “allrecipes”.





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