Learn Modern Hebrew with easy Newspapers

HebrewToday offers easy-to-read Hebrew newspapers by subscription. Our publications are perfect for children and adults, beginners or advanced readers, who wish to learn Hebrew in a fun, effective and engaging way, while staying connected to Israel and Jewish culture.

Learn Hebrew through the news

Each issue is available with audio narration in clear, correct Hebrew pronunciation, as well as Hebrew-English dictionaries and English explanations for each article. Whether you choose the printed edition or online edition of our Hebrew newspapers, you will receive a fresh copy, hot off the press, every two weeks.

Modern Hebrew is an evolving language, and we believe that the best way to learn Hebrew is through current events, both global and Israeli, and everyday interesting stories. So while you’re learning and improving your Hebrew, you are also strengthening your connection to Israel and learning lots of fascinating things through sports, cultures, movies, science, computers, travel, crosswords, activities, and more.

Hebrew Today – News you can Use

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