Learn Biblical Languages Online

Learn the Bible’s Original Languages!

Study the Bible like never before! Read the Hebrew Bible in its original languages (Hebrew and Aramaic) to gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.

Online from your own home!

Learn Biblical Hebrew

  • 5 course levels (beginners to advanced)
  • start reading the Bible in Hebrew
  • academic accreditation through the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, available

Learn Biblical Aramaic

  • Read texts from the original Aramaic sections of the books of Daniel and Ezra
  • Get the original meaning of Biblical prophecies
  • Learn a language that will enrich your understanding of the biblical Hebrew

Enjoy all the comforts that online learning provides.

With the Holy Land’s Best Teachers!
Certified instructors from Israel’s top universities are waiting for you!

Academic Credit from the Hebrew University
In cooperation with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, eTeacher is now offering academic courses for 3 credit points. Courses are taught online by Biblical Language experts from the Holy Land.
Discover the true meaning of the bible

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