How to choose a biblical Hebrew study program that suits you?

There are different ways to take up your biblical Hebrew studies:owl_ebook

It is not advisable for beginners to start studying biblical Hebrew on their own. Some of the reasons are:

1. No interaction. In other words, you are alone during your studies. There is nobody to talk to and no person to answer your questions.

2. It is hard to stay disciplined when you learn all by yourself. Studying biblical Hebrew is a challenging task. You will be very motivated at the beginning of your studies, but it will be hard to remain focused over time without someone to encourage you.

On the other hand, a self-study program allows you to study whenever and wherever you want. Good textbooks and reference grammars for beginners and advanced students are available on the market.

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A biblical Hebrew course provides a lot of advantages. You can ask questions and get the answers immediately from your instructor, who will provide feedback on your reading and overall progress in class. You can engage with the other students in friendly competition, exchange information and network with them. After completing a biblical Hebrew course you will receive a certificate or academic credit points (at eTeacher you can take an academic course and receive credit points from Hebrew University, Jerusalem). Biblical Hebrew courses can be found in your immediate vicinity at a nearby university, synagogue or Open University, etc. If you want to study from the comfort of your own home, take an online bH course.

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A couple of biblical Hebrew tutorials are offered on Youtube. I don’t provide many links to such videos on my website, because they are usually theologically biased. My approach in studying and teaching biblical Hebrew is focused on the Hebrew text itself, investigating the linguistic arena with as much help from scholarly literature as possible. I use only the best and most up-to-date grammar books and study tools. Interested in a free test lesson? Click here.

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