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Biblia Mirecurensia

New ! Mp3 recordings of the Hebrew Tanakh (prophetic and poetical books). These recordings are designed to be downloaded onto a smartphone or a tablet. They offer about 25 hours’ listening, in 4 distinct albums – a radically new approach to biblical Hebrew! Download for free and enjoy !

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Old Testament Hebrew Vocabulary: Learn on the Go (Audio Book)

If you make use of the 30-day trial period at Audible (cancel any time), you get this audio book for free. Don’t waste this great opportunity! This audiobook includes all vocabulary words that occur in the Old Testament 20 times or more and all the names of people in the Old Testament that occur 100 […]

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Hebrew Audio Bible Online

Academy of Ancient Languages – Hebrew Audio Bible Choose the book you want to listen to in Hebrew, click on the chapter number and listen in mp3 format online. No registration, no login. Completely free!

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Every Udemy Course for just $15

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Reading Practice – Jonah 1

2 new resources for your bH reading practice: The complete FIRST BOOK OF JONAH in HEBREW on YouTube with extra slow narration and big font size of the Masoretic Text. This is the NARRATION of the COMPLETE CHAPTER 1: This is the link to the PLAYLIST and a VERSE-BY-VERSE NARRATION. The PLAYLIST may be of use to those studying […]

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Hebrew Exodus 12 – Text and Narration

Hebrew Text and Narration – Exodus 12 The narration is easy to follow and extra slow. Exodus 12 speaks about the preparations for the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Pessach Vocabulary and key words in English translation at the end.

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Hebrew Psalm Reader – Complete Psalms Essential Hebrew Bible Reading Tool – Interlinear Translation Technology Hebrew Psalm Reader The Essential Psalm Study Tool… Hebrew Psalm Reader teaches the meaning and pronunciation of every Hebrew word in Psalms. It teaches one word at a time. You study by either clicking on a Hebrew Word and listening […]

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Bible Society in Israel – Hebrew Audio Bible Project

The full audio of the Hebrew Bible was recently made available by the Bible Society in Israel*. The recordings are produced in a dramatized way (sometimes with rather annoying background music), but otherwise in clear (Israeli) Hebrew pronunciation. The Study page on provides the biblical text with cantillation marks. By clicking on a word […]

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Comprehensive Biblical Hebrew

Comprehensive Biblical Hebrew The most comprehensive program available for English speakers who plan to learn the Book of Books! This program includes everything you need to master reading, writing, analyzing, and translating Biblical Hebrew! Featuring 26 interactive and dynamic lessons, Biblical Hebrew contains a wealth of fascinating information, including summaries of each book of the […]

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Interactive Jewish Calender

Worlds most advanced Jewish Calendar for computer. Even contains explanations for the various of Jewish Holidays and dates of importance. The software also features Rosh Chodesh & Holiday Tracker, Electronic reminders for personal chores and tells you What to pray, what to say, on which day of the year. With Jewish Time you’ll never miss […]

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