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What is the “Israel Institute of Biblical Studies”?

You have probably seen the new advertisement for this mysterious new institution in different places on the web. The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies is the joint online Biblical academy powered by the eTeacherGroup. Their Department of Biblical Languages offers online courses in Biblical Hebrew Biblical Aramaic Learn More…

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What is the Tanakh?

The “Tanakh” is the collection of Jewish texts into the canon of the Hebrew Bible. By Christians it is called the Old Testament. The word “Tanakh” is actually an acronym in Hebrew. It is formed by the first consonant of each of the names for the three subdivisions of the Masoretic text, i.e. תורה, נביאים, […]

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Biblia Mirecurensia

Biblia Mirecurensia is a reader-friendly version of the Tanakh, specially designed for readability and navigability. It can be used either in print, or preferably on mobile devices such as tablets or e-readers. Its main features are: – it is an eclectic text, in PDF or Word format. – it uses modern signs of punctuation, making […]

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Hebrew Exodus 12 – Text and Narration

Hebrew Text and Narration – Exodus 12 The narration is easy to follow and extra slow. Exodus 12 speaks about the preparations for the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Pessach Vocabulary and key words in English translation at the end.

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JPS Tanakh

JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh: Pocket Edition The Jewish Study Bible, published in 2003, contains the New Jewish Publication Society Translation (NJPS) in one volume with introductions, notes, and supplementary material. The NJPS of the Jewish Bible (i.e. the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh, referred to by Christians as the Old Testament) is the second translation published by […]

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One Year Bible (Audio Book)

If you make use of the 30-day trial period at Audible (cancel any time), you get this audio book for free. Don’t waste this great opportunity! In this Lecture you study the entire Bible, Genesis through Revelation, in one year! This “flagship” Logos course grew out of Dr. Creasy’s year-long UCLA program, “The English Bible […]

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Leningrad Codex

The Leningrad Codex or Codex Leningradensis is the oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew bible (in Hebrew) we possess today. Masoretic Hebrew Text Some time around the 10th century CE a group of Jewish scholars developed a system of diacritic points to accompany the consonantal text of the Hebrew bible. These scholars, the Masoretes (from […]

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Kennicott Bible

The Kennicott Bible is a lavishly illuminated manuscript from medieval Spain, finished in 1476. The hand-written Tanakh (Pentateuch, Prophets, Haggiographa) is completely vocalized and contains all the cantillation marks (accents).  It received its name from the English Hebraist Benjamin Kennicott (1718-1783) who did extensive research on various Hebrew manuscripts. Today, the Kennicott Bible is one of the treasures of […]

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Disposal of Biblical Books

What to do with (photo)copies of the bible (OT) or a Jewish prayer book (siddur)? May they be discarded in a regular garbage bin? According to Jewish law the answer is NO. Photocopies of the Hebrew bible (Torah, Prophets, Writings) and the siddur must be buried in a genizah since they contain the seven holy […]

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