Biblical Hebrew Morphology (Online Course)

This university level course introduces the morphology of Biblical Hebrew words and sentences.

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The Course covers:
-Definite Article
-Ketiv and Qere/ Tetragrammaton
-Noun and Adjective Endings
-Use of Adjectives
-Nonverbal Sentences
-Conjunction ו
-Atnah, Silluq, and Pause
-Inseparable Prepositions (with and without the definite Article)
-Preposition מִן

Course Goals

By the end of this course you will be able to:

-Recognize the definite article and add it to any noun.
-Identify and explain the use of the definite direct object indicator.
-Recognize and write the noun and adjective endings.
-Recognize and translate attributive and predicate adjectives.
-Recognize and translate nonverbal sentences.
-Recognize and write the conjunction vav.
-Recognize atnah, silluq, and pause.
-Recognize and write the inseparable prepositions.
-Recognize and write the prefixed preposition
-Read and translate the Hebrew readings “The Creation of the Universe” and “The Creation of People.”

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