Biblical Date Candy for Everyone!

The Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem shares a 3,600 year old recipe.

So what was the favorite dried fruit snack of the Jewish people thousands of years ago?

Whereas Tu B’Shevat is a modern holiday, which has only been celebrated for the past 130 years, dried fruit snacks have been around for some time: Scholars have discovered a piece of pottery from ancient Egypt with a 3,600 year old recipe on it!

According to the Bible, the Children of Israel dwelt in Egypt 3,600 years ago, so it is possible that Moses and Joseph enjoyed this sweet treat :- )

If you’re looking for a journey back in time in Jerusalem (and let’s face it – who isn’t?) we invite you to pay a visit to our Egyptian Gallery at the BLMJ, to relish one of the most fascinating ancient cultures the world has ever known.

Happy Tu B’Shevat to all and don’t hesitate to tag your dried fruit loving friends!

For the Recipe and the Video go to the Bible Lands Museum’s Website

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