Private Tutorials

Michal offers Private Tutorials for all levels (beginners/ intermediate/advanced).


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Beginners (without previous knowledge) – we use a grammar book and workbook for beginners.

Intermediate Students – we work with a textbook that enriches vocabulary and grammar of biblical Hebrew. It also introduces you to longer Hebrew text portions (varying genres)

Advanced Students – I have prepared a lot of material on Psalms, Biblical Narrative, and Qohelet (Ecclesiastes)

Where and How:

Advanced Video Conferencing (including whiteboard, drawing tools, recordings)

Michal’s Academic and Teaching Background:

  • MA in Semitic Languages (Biblical Hebrew, Classical Arabic, Ge’ez, Aramaic, Syriac)
  • Over 6 years of experience in teaching different levels of Biblical Hebrew to academic and non-academic students (eTeacher).

Contact Michal for more information and to schedule an initial Skype meeting.