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Hebrew Through the Bible

The online school offers university style biblical Hebrew courses. Learn biblical Hebrew online and read the Bible in its original language.


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Learn to Read and Write Biblical Hebrew

This free course teaches how to identify the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Later on you learn the vowels of biblical Hebrew.

Finally, you learn how to read Hebrew words.

The course is packed with exercises and even a final exam.

Online Course Hebrew Alphabet and Vowels

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 eTeacher Biblical Hebrew

Learn BIblical Hebrew Online
Learn Biblical Hebrew Online
With the best teachers in the Holy Land!

Learn the Bible’s Original Language!
Study the Bible like never before! Read the New and Old Testament in their original languages to gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.

Online from your own home!
Learn Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek from the convenience of your own home. Enjoy all the comforts that online learning provides.

With the Holy Land’s Best Teachers!
Certified instructors from Israel’s top universities are waiting for you!

Academic Credit from the Hebrew University
In cooperation with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, eTeacher is now offering academic courses for 3 credit points. Courses are taught online by Biblical Language experts from the Holy Land.

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How to Use a Biblical Hebrew Lexicon?


  • Over 23 lectures and 42 mins of content!
  • By the end of the course, you will be in possession of 5 biblical Hebrew Lexicons
  • You will know how to use any biblical Hebrew Lexicon
  • You will know how Hebrew word formation works
  • You will meet two important web services
  • You will become connected to a vibrant community of biblical Hebrew students and instructors who will answer your future questions