Bible Study Software

Study the Hebrew bible with one of the electronic resources below – Rich in features, fast, user-friendly, accurate.


This electronic bible software is free for download. It is feature rich and user-friendly, but not too complicated. e-Sword is the perfect choice for the average user.

Basic Features include:



  • Parallel Bibles and Bible Comparison
  • Integrated Editor and WYSIWYG Printing
  • Strong’s Tooltips and Scripture Tooltips
  • Powerful Search Function
  • Reference Library
  • Graphics Viewer

Moreover, you can download additional modules and resources, like commentaries, dictionaries, bible translations, etc. for free at

e-Sword HD  – Bible Study for the iPad.
e-Sword LT – Bible Study for the iPhone.

Hebrew Bible in Pictures

  • Classroom presentation quality
  • Ability to create your own slideshows
  • Ability to copy and paste into documents
  • Lengthy captions written and edited by noted scholars
  • 139 slides