Hebrew Bible (Audio)

Listen to the Hebrew bible in Hebrew!

Biblia Mirecurensia

New ! Mp3 recordings of the Hebrew Tanakh (prophetic and poetical books). These recordings are designed to be downloaded onto a smartphone or a tablet. They offer about 25 hours’ listening, in 4 distinct albums – a radically new approach to biblical Hebrew! You will also find 20 videos available for download.

Download for free and enjoy !

Academy of Ancient Languages – Hebrew Audio Bible

Choose the book you want to listen to in Hebrew, click on the chapter number and listen in mp3 format online.
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Hebrew Bible Narrated – The Whole Bible Narrated in Hebrew on 4 Audio CD’s!

The best Hebrew narration ever… Hebrew Scriptures recorded with excellent intonation, diction, and accent. Each one of these Hebrew recordings was broadcast on Israels National Television and Radio Stations, a chapter every night. Plays on PC & MAC or on MP3 even in your car! These CDs can dramatically improve your Torah reading and comprehension of the Hebrew Bible. In addition the readings will relax you… and the sound is so sweet that it creates a near hypnotic religious experience. Treat yourself to the pure sounds of the Bible. Ideal to play on your car CD – MP3- will remove the stress of the commute – Guaranteed! Set contains: 4 audio CDs (MP3 format) Covering the whole Hebrew Bible (including The five Megillot and Psalms)

Mechon Mamre: Chapter-by-Chapter MP3 Recordings of the Hebrew Bible


Here are direct links to recordings in Hebrew, used with permission from Talking Bibles International ℗ 1992 (to request permission to use recordings write info@talkingbibles.org); they are not chanted with a melody, but are clearly pronounced in Sephardic-style Hebrew.

Some of these chapter files are large (up to almost 8MB!), so those without fast internet connections really need patience in waiting for them. If you have a DSL, T1, or Cable high-speed Internet connection, you may prefer book-by-book files also available here.

To download a file instead of playing it–in Windows, right-click on the link, choose Save Target As…, choose a suitable folder location, and click Save; in MAC systems, hold down Ctrl and click on the link, choose Download Linked File As…, choose a suitable folder location, and Save. Once saved, a file can be played over and over without downloading it again, and it can also be transferred to an mp3 player or burned to a CD to share with others. Visit Website

Bible Society in Israel – Hebrew Audio Bible Project

The full audio of the Hebrew Bible was recently made available by the Bible Society in Israel*. The recordings are produced in a dramatized way (sometimes with rather annoying background music), but otherwise in clear (Israeli) Hebrew pronunciation. The Study page on www.haktuvim.co.il provides the biblical text with cantillation marks. By clicking on a word in the text, Strong’s number, derivation, and part of speech will be displayed.


*publishes Hebrew bibles and scriptures for Christians and messianic Jews in Israel