Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar

Pratico: Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Grammar

Features of Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar, Second Edition text: • Combines the best of inductive and deductive approaches • Uses actual examples from the Hebrew Old Testament rather than “made-up” illustrations • Emphasizes the structural pattern of the Hebrew language rather than rote memorization, resulting in a simple, enjoyable, and effective learning process • Colored text highlights particles added to nouns and verbs, allowing easy recognition of new forms

• Chapters Two (Hebrew Vowels), Nine (Pronominal Suffixes), Seventeen (Waw Consecutive), Eighteen (Imperative, Cohortative, and Jussive), and Twenty-Three (Issues of Sentence Syntax) are revised and expanded • Section of appendices and study aids is clearly marked for fast reference • Larger font and text size make reading easier • Updated author website with additional Hebrew language resources and product information ( Features of updated CD-ROM: • Full answer key to the accompanying workbook (compatible with Windows and Macintosh) • Scripture indexes to both the grammar and the workbook • FlashWorksTM, a fun and effective vocabulary-drilling program from Teknia Language Tools • Links to additional resources accessible with internet connection

Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Workbook

The Basics of Biblical Hebrew Workbook has just gotten better. In order to keep students from becoming discouraged, especially in the beginning stages, the authors have decided to give more vocabulary aid, so students do not have to spend all their time trying to look up words in a dictionary. Many of the minor changes in this workbook have come as a result of professor and student feedback.

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