Grammar Books

Hebrew grammar books can be divided in two groups, student grammars and reference grammars (see below).

Reference grammars tend to be elusive and highly technical in terms of linguistic terminology. Their study presupposes a good knowledge of grammar terms in general and of linguistic concepts in biblical Hebrew in particular. They are especially valuable to students who have acquired a fundamental understanding of biblical Hebrew through a beginner’s or intermediate course/ seminar/ tutorial that covered the nominal system, verbal system (strong and weak verbs), sentence types and semantics of Hebrew.

Reference Grammars

The following two reference grammars are the leading works in the field. Joüon/ Muraoka’s grammar takes recent scholarship into consideration and comes highly recommended.

Gesenius/ Kautzsch/ Cowley: Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar

For almost a century, Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar has proven to be one of the most comprehensive works on Hebrew, covering all aspects of the language, including historical background, pronunciation, etymology, syntax, and sentence structure. Generally recognized as the Read More…


Joüon/ Muraoka: A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew

Already well known in its two-volume first edition, this is the most extensive revision yet of one of the most complete Hebrew Grammars available in English. This edition brings the work up to the present by taking account of Read More…