Welcome to the Biblical Hebrew Study Guide

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Teaching biblical Hebrew to both academic and general students has been my main occupation for the last few years. I recently created the FB group “Biblical Hebrew Study Group”, which has grown considerably in members. The increasing interest in the study of biblical Hebrew and the many questions from members e.g. how to start a course or where to find material on a certain topic led to the creation of this Biblical Hebrew Study Guide. With this website I want to provide resources, useful links, study material, etc. The guide is helpful for the beginner as well as the advanced student of biblical Hebrew.

The answer to the question: ‘Where shall I begin my biblical Hebrew studies?’ will be given on the page  BH Study. Find out about the best way for you to start your studies or about how to progress most effectively. The page provides many links that assist in the self-study option and informs about programs and courses on the internet.

On the page BH Resources you can find a comprehensive list of study tools that will serve the beginner as well as the advanced student at varying degrees. Find out more about Biblical Hebrew Grammar, Biblical Hebrew Lexicons, Biblical Hebrew Concordances, Bible Software, etc.

The information provided often includes freely accessible resources and tools online, but I also give links to online stores or other websites where books or courses can be purchased.

Private Tutorials takes you to the page that describes the method of learning biblical Hebrew that I personally recommend.

Finally, you can find my blog under Miscellaneous. Here you will find recent updates and featured articles about the Hebrew language and Hebrew linguistics.

Enjoy, Michal